The Braternoster

How efficient is the braternoster?

  1. Up to 1.000 sausages per hour

  2. 250 Scotch fillet steaks, steaks of pork, lamb fillet and much more

  3. cooked or fried potatoes

  4. small knuckles of pork

  5. The braternoster is ecologically harmless (no air pollution)
  6. As the braternoster runs on gas, no fat drips into the embers and no carcinogenic smoke emerges
  7. The sausage is evenly fried with an appetizing colour
  8. The appliance is completely made of stainless steel
  9. It takes up little room (less than 1 square metre)



You can hire the braternoster.
The braternoster is used for big events.
The braternoster can be used for small occasions.
You can purchase the braternoster at a reasonable price.

Should you be interested in buying the braternoster
please do not hesitate to send your enquiry to
my address or by e-mail to